IMG_1641Animals can suffer illness just like we do, also they can have emotional issues, just like us. I can tune into the animal, and sometimes have a conversation with them, offer them Reiki and healing.

Animals that benefit from Reiki are ones that are ill, or have had a bad time, for example, abused or neglected. Reiki can not take over from any vet care.

Animals will only take Reiki if they want to, then tend to only take what they need.

I have had success with many animals. One being Chloe an 8 year old female, she had 8 years of abuse where she was kicked and hit, therefore she was very timid and also scared of men. When I first had her she would hide for hours, and cower when I moved. I had her staying in my home, as a foster cat. At first she would not take the Reiki, but eventually with patience and love she accepted 3 sessions and is now a normal happy cat, sitting on knees and not scared of men.

You can bring your animal to my treatment room, or I can visit your home within the Nottingham area.

I offer distance healing for animals too, for this you will need to send me a picture of your animal, so that I can tune into them. This is sometimes a good way to treat them, if the animal is ill, or distressed. I can sometimes tune in and talk to the animal, have a conversation with them. This can in no way replace vet care. For example, I have tuned into a cat recently and talked them about how they feel, and asked them to drink and balanced the vibration, so they can heal quicker. This way I felt the cat needed a crystal, and the owner was able to place it near the cat, and the cat made a recovery. This cat also had medication and had been to the vets.

  • Distance healing from £10 to £45
  • Therapy room treatments from £25
  • Home visits from £35
  • Animal communications £40

Unfortunately Im unable to help in looking for lost pet, but in a circumstance, where perhaps an animal was spooked and ran off, I can send them distance reiki to calm them.

For distance healing, I can either take over the phone debit card payments, or if you hover over the contact page, you can see a paypal page for payments.

I can in no way offer medical advice, or replace vet care. I am in no way a behaviour specialist, therefore, can not offer advice with these matters. I can, however, talk to the animal to find out what they are thinking to help calm them.

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