Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Having been a hypnotherapist since 2009, my approach to this therapy has changed somewhat. From treating over 500 clients within this time, and my ongoing research and readings I have developed my own way to deliver hypnosis.

Our brains learn on a repeat basis, using visual memory. This is linked into all of our senses. This creates a loop learning pattern throughout our lives. Cementing in our beliefs. The more we talk about these aspect of our lives the more we believe them, the more the loop continues. It’s just our natural way.

At night when we go to sleep our brains start to solve problems and work out stuff, it works out and solves our belief and repetitive thoughts.

Emotions and belief are in charge of our thoughts and our thoughts are in charge of our actions.

Working with the science of how we learn and process information is the key to changing our thoughts……which does sound easy, but add in feelings….and it can be a challenge.

Hypnotherapy, is an enduced like state of relaxation, putting the brain in sleep mode to start the process of problem solving. Using hypnosis and going into your mind with an agenda for change. This speeds up the learning process.

Ive found over time, straight forward habit changes and boosted thoughts are easy to achieve. It’s the long term changes linked to trauma thoughts or long term drilled in learnings that can be hard to shift for a permanent change.

Using a combination of energy work and hypnotherapy along with positive thinking, can help the long term process of change.

Learning how to control feelings, nurture yourself, love yourself and cleanse your soul. Taking back full control over your thoughts feelings and actions.

I get asked quite a bit, what can hypnosis help with …it helps with thoughts, any thoughts. Any thoughts you want to change, you can challenge them for change. I get asked, does it work, the answer to this is I can’t guarantee this, it’s not me that has that choice it’s you. It’s not up to me to make you change, it’s only you that can change yourself. I’m just here to help you. The first step is admitting you need help, then turning up. Hypnosis is not for everyone, it’s about choosing what you think is right for you. That’s why my consultations are free.

Weight management.

weight loss is much deeper than just food. It can be your physical body health too. It can be how you feel about yourself. I obviously can not help with the overall health of your body, and you may need to contact your dr prior to any weight loss treatments.

Taking control about what we eat and when we eat. I find the key can lie within our feelings about ourselves. Dieting can seem like a control, it can also feel quite addictive to impossible. Hypnosis can simplify and help these changes within our thought patterns dealing with core issues.

My weight management sessions are aimed at changing thoughts and actions around foods. Reducing apatite, and choosing the right foods. It’s loads easier when it’s don’t want, instead of can’t have. Working at reducing emotions linked to foods make the process of weight loss a lot easier and more enjoyable. It’s also about loving ourselves and feeling amazing about ourselves.

The questions I’m asked most about my weight management sessions are, will it work, and how much weight will I loose. My sessions are not based on weight loss and weighing you each week, but most people do loose during the sessions. If you binge eat, or skip meals, don’t eat enough, or extreme diet, then you could gain weight while you establish a regular eating pattern. The sessions are aimed at long term success. Taking out dieting, being in control of food can make it easier to just loose weight naturally. Loving ourselves.


You’ll need to meet me before you book in a session, it’s important you feel comfortable and relaxed, it’s important you like what I’m saying and feel comfortable enough to relax and welcome in change. Therefore my consultations are free, it’s not a sales pitch it’s an important meeting for you to decide. Hypnosis only works if you let it work, I can’t make you do anything you don’t want.

How many sessions will you need? This is discussed in your consultation, but most people have an idea before they arrive. Simple sort my thoughts out get me back on track are 1 to 3 sessions. Deep rooted emotional issues with ourselves can take longer from 3 to 12 sessions.


Emotional issues, £75 a session. These sessions take upto 2 hours. They can include an energy healing session.

Stop smoking, £50, 2 hour session

Boost or habit change session, £50


(Paid in full up front) non refundable.

£500 for 12 sessions dealing with weight management, these include hypnosis, reflexology, reiki. A real soul cleanser.

£200 for 4 sessions of weight management. Taken once a week for three weeks, then two week gap to the forth session.

£280 for 4 sessions of weigh management with energy work and reflexology.

£175 for 3 sessions. These can be for anything, including, sleep, depression, anxiety, pain management, etc … Any thoughts can be changed if you want them too.

£280 for 4 sessions for gastric band hypnosis. The first two sessions are aimed at changing your normal eating pattern. Third is administering a mind gastric band, forth is tightening the band with learning how to control the band yourself.


no hypnotherapy session is guaranteed. I can not promise any long term changes.

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