Leen Valley House, front View

Leen Valley House, front View

You will find me in Leen Valley House, Cinderhill Road, Bulwell. NG6 8RE . You are looking for an office block building with blue fence round it. In between Glenn’s Motor Homes and Pentagon Vauxhall garage.

When you enter the car park at the front of the building you will see a main entrance door. Please ring the bell for Retreat Therapy.

When using a sat nav to get here, it takes you to Charles Street. If you look up, at the beginning of Charles Street you will see Glenns Motorhomes…..Im next door, the other side. You will see big blue gates with parking outside.

Please please arrive on time for your appointment, as sometimes I have clients booked in after your session, and time maybe taken off your appointment because of this.

Please make sure you plan your route. Sometimes I’m not available to answer the phone when you are on your way ! Please let me know If you can not make your appointment,  if you just do not turn up for your appointment or tell me with less than 24hr notice.

Payment is cash. I do not give refunds.

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