Advanced Reflexology.

  • Reflexology of the feet – £35 for one session
  • £90 for 3 sessions
  • £175 for 6
  • Reflexology with Reiki £45
  • Hand Reflexology £35
  • Reflexology with guided meditation extra £10
  • Reflexology with hot stones £55
  • Reflexology at home £60
  • Reflexolgy with foot reading £40

The session last about 45mins to one hour.  Consultation is about 15mins. Please note in some cases treatments will start 30mins increasing to an hour over the course of treatments.

The science of Reflexology believes the feet and hands are a mirror of the body. Pressure placed on specific reflex points on them can be used to treat the corresponding areas of the body, in order to stimulate natural health powers and promote wellbeing. All parts of the foot or hands are massaged, so that the body as a whole is treated. The receiver experiences a deep state of relaxation and well being.

I use ART Reflexology techniques, (Advance Reflexology Techniques). This is a form of Reflexology that is a deep tissue massage of the feet, this way not only are the reflex points of the feet treated, but also the ligaments and muscles of the feet. Some people say this form of reflexology feels like they have had a full body massage.

Hot Stone Reflexology

Hot Stone









Benefits of Reflexology.

  • Stimulates the flow of blood around the body, thus increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body and increasing metabolism
  • Stimulates the flow of lymph round the body and the filtration of lymph through the lymph nodes. This has an internally cleansing effect on the body, removing toxins and impurities.
  • Stimulates the nerves endings in the feet or hands revitalising the nerves and and impulses through them. This can improve thought and co – ordination
  • Improves the harmony between the systems of the body, they then work more efficiently together creating balance, and a better physical and mental state of health to ward off illness
  • Relaxes the muscles bringing about feelings of relaxation, and creating free and easier movement
  • Due to all the systems being calmed or invigorated as need be, the feelings of stress are soothed away, resulting in a feeling of well being and tranquillity that can lead to a more effective person
  • Stimulates the excretory organs so increasing bowel movements and unrination
  • The body is more able to maintain homeostasis which will reduce the build up and effects of stress and strengthen the immunological system
  • Having a better state of mind and outlook on life feeling able to handle whatever life brings.

Contra indications.

  • Circulatory problems e.g phlebitis, thrombosis, varicose veins, heart conditions, internal bleeding or haemorrhage. Reflexology stimulates the circulation which may cause complications
  • Infections and contagious diseases e.g skin conditions, athlete’s foot, verrucas and warts, impetigo, TB, cuts on feet
  • Cancers, seek medical advice first
  • pregnancy first 12 weeks
  • Epilepsy – treatment can trigger an attack
  • Diabetes – reflexology can affect insulin levels 
  • Clients taking medication, advise from GP before treatment
  • Clients with undiagnosed pain/conditions – advise from GP before treatment

Possible After effects of treatment that may last several days

  • Tiredness
  • Nauseous
  • Cold like symptoms
  • A need to urinate more than usual
  • More emotional than usual
  • More lethargic than usual

The effects of reflexology are unique to each person. Most people experience a sense of well being and relaxation, others find it uplifting and energising.

For some, symptoms may worsen before they improve. This is called the ‘healing crisis’. It indicates that the body is beginning to eliminate toxins and starting to heal itself.

After Care.

In order to ensure the full benefits of a treatment clients are usually asked to carry out the following advice for 24 hours following treatment:

Drink lots of water as this will help hydrate the body, flush out toxins and improve energy levels.

Try to rest for the rest of the day as this will help the treatment work to it’s full potential and will allow your body to focus on healing.

Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol as these are stimulants and will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Eat a light and healthy diet to allow your body to put its energy into healing.

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