spiritual life coach is aimed to getting you back on track. Bringing balance into your life through body and mind. It’s not about going over old issues it’s about bringing them to the surface and letting them leave. Using our natural energy patterns to re balance. Learning about how to control our energy, emotions and feelings. I find talking over old issues, just reaffirms them to the mind, these sessions are about letting issues go energetically. Learning how to control your energies.

I work with energies and vibrations healing both body and mind, using a range of therapies, including Reiki, Reflexology, NLP, EFT, Affirmations, Time lines, Hypnotherapy. Coaching you to programme your mind for positives beliefs.

You may feel you need to bring back balance after illness, or a change in life direction. Feeling stuck in depression or repetitive negative thoughts. Learning to love ourselves, I feel is the start of everything. If you feel great and love yourself you can then go out and achieve the things you want to.

you may find yourself seeking questions about yourself, your soul purpose on this planet. You may wish to learn about how to control your energies, how to protect your energies etc.

Sessions can be between 1 and 2 hours.

4 sessions £200

6 sessions £300

12 sessions £500

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