1. If you book an appointment by telephone you will be booked in and your name and contact number will be taken.
  2. You will need to pay for your treatment either cash or By Debit machine, on the day of your appointment or before. NO cheques taken.
  3. If you are late for your appointment time is taken off your treatment.
  4. If you forget your appointment, or do not turn up you will be charged for the appointment.
  5. If you cancel the appointment with less that 24hr notice you will be charged for the appointment.
  6. I do not give refunds for gift vouchers
  7. I have the right to refuse admission..any abusive language or sexual language will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave or if serious the Police will be called.
  8. E mail abuse will also not be tolerated, any abusive emails will be deleted and blocked.
  9. A full consultation is required for most treatments and a disclaimer signed.
  10. Your parking is your own responsibility . The business is not responsible for any theft or losses or parking fines.
  11. The Business does not give out refunds for travel costs ie Bus fares.
  12. I can not diagnose any medical conditions.
  13. Holistic treatments can not take the place of medical treatments or medication you are taking, please seek advice from your GP with any medical queries.
  14. Hypnotherapy and Holistic treatments are not guaranteed
  15. I do not refund treatments if you feel they have not helped.

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