Here are a few of the things people are saying about the treatments they have had:

before and after picture of a weight loss client that had the gastric band hypnotherapy

before and after picture of a weight loss client that had the gastric band hypnotherapy

“the sessions are so relaxing, I feel so much better”

“I’ve now lost over 4 stone without even dieting, amazing”

“You have changed my life for the better, i’m so much more relaxed about things now”

“the sessions have worked for me, which means I no longer need to think about having a gastric band operation – thank you so much”

“Jane you have been inspiring, such a positive outlook on life, im now seeing things in a new way, looking forward to my future.”

“I’ve passed my driving test, thanks to you ! thank you so much”

“I now feel in control of my eating, and am loosing weight – thank you”

“Hi Jane, starting in april last year i had gastric bypass hypnotherapy with you and just wanted to give you a little update on my journey since….

I still love food lol but i think differently about food and portions now i can eat out and for the first time ever leave food on my plate!! my whole attitude has changed and for the better so much so that it has had such a positive impact on the all around me too…

I am now seven and half stone lighter and havent felt this good in years oh and now have a baby on the way too!

Would just like to say thank you sooooo much as not only did you make me feel at ease and comfortable in your company ( i was at rock bottom so this was a big thing for me) but you are fantastic at what you do too. keep up the great work!!

Lisa Eden”

“Hi Jane

Just wanted to thank you as I am now on two weeks and two days of giving up smoking after coming to see you for hypnosis.

I am now a non-smoker and it feels wonderful. I know that it is still early days but something seems to have changed in the way I think about cigarettes. If I am very honest, I tried a drag the other day just because I could and I was nearly sick. I had a terrible head ache and felt dizzy for about and hr. That was nearly a week ago and no desire at all for another one. Despite being around smokers, going into town at night.

So a massive thank you to you for your help!!!”

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